The Deep State: The JSOC and The CIA Are At War [VIDEO]

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President Trump, who has been both friend and foe of the intelligence agencies, has seemed to want to declare war on the Deep State. President Trump is the first President since JFK to want to take on the shadowy depths of the entrenched power in the country. The President is more fortunate than JFK in one regard., he has the alternative media and the Internet, but just as challenging, so do they. It is often said that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and there is not going to be any serious attempt to dislodge the power of the Deep State without getting them out in the open.

It is important to qualify for you who the Deep State is. I will start by saying there is no clear definition because it is a widely used term and means something different to everyone. Republican loyalists use the term Deep State to describe the Obama administration holdovers that are doing everything they can to cause discord in the country in hopes of halting President Trump’s agenda. To Democrats it is a racist cabal of white supremacists looking to restore the Confederacy. To others it is a corporate global group aiming to use the American Government to colonize the world.To many, it is people within the government, intelligence agencies, the military, the military-industrial complex, spies, and un-elected bureaucrats who work on behalf of globalists and themselves. There are typically three groups within the government that most people associate with the Deep State. The National Security Agency (NSA) The Central Intelligence Agency (The CIA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). These agencies, as a whole, have been shorouded in controversy and conspiracy since their inception. From Eisenhower’s warning about the Strength of the Military Industrial Complex. To the CIA’s involvement in data manipulation inOperation Mockingbird and their involvement in the Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama near the end of his term. The involvement of DARPA with experiments using mind control techniques and torturous testing in MKULTRA. The CIA being complicit in trafficking narcotics into the United States.  The NSA being caught using advanced surveillance to monitor Americans, as revealed by the Snowden Files. The list seems to never end.

Now it seems as if the intelligence agencies, either at the behest of President Obama or on their own accord seem to have a vendetta against President Trump and will do what they can to stop his agenda.

Now, the intelligence agencies obviously do good work. There is a reason we have not suffered another major attack by a Terrorist group on American soil since 9/11. Most of the work of these patriots will never even be known to the public. At the same time there are those who have taken advantage of the black budgets, secrecy, and little oversight by Congress and the media. This isn’t a black and white issue. It is not one agency against the other. It is factions within each agency going against factions within their own agency as well as factions of other agencies.The media will hear “The CIA and FBI are at war? Nope. Fake news!” all because many try to draw lines and attach labels. The entirety of The Deep State as it exists is a grey area. Add to that a conflict within its ranks, you have yourself the darkest shade of grey an area could have. Kimberly Guilfoyle, on Fox News, claimed that her sources within the CIA told her that there is an ideological split between the staff. We saw the same in the FBI because of decisions by James Comey not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Judge Andrew Napolitano believes that what he describes as “patriots” within the NSA and other intelligence agencies were the ones who hacked the DNC and Podesta emails in order to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming their boss. And now we know from the Vault 7 Wikileaks release, that the CIA can do hacks and leave a trail to mask their actions as the actions of foreign adversaries. A cyber false flag, if you will.

Put this all together, and Dr. Steve Piezenik’s idea of a coup and counter-coup happening behind the scenes in the United States makes a lot of sense. There are factions within all parts of government, military, and intelligence agencies that are at each other’s throats. Patriots vs. globalists.

For the sake of argument, assume most of the things we hear about the Intelligence Agencies are real. The very existence of The Deep State is being reported on by mainstream media outlets. Wikileaks Vault 7 has only released 1% of what they have from the CIA. Who knows what else we’ll see? All of this being true makes a recent post on 4chan beyond interesting. Whether this person is an insider or just someone piecing together a theory, it’s an interesting read. A tale of spy vs. spy, a covert civil war, and even the possibility of actual conflict. Yes, JSOC and the CIA are on a collision course to potential armed conflict. We have all learned it is not a good idea to trust sources emanating from 4Chan, but every now and then they are good food for thought.

JSOC, or Joint Special Operations Command, is the collection of US Special Forces units. In the past, they failed to work to work well together, so putting them under an umbrella to achieve common goals would allow them to be even more efficient. Special forces aren’t just elite soldiers, they specialize in counter-terrorism, which incorporates Urban Warfare and targeted assassination to name a few specialties. According to the narrative, the CIA is working to train members of terror groups against various State actors we wish to defeat. This includes Assad in Syria among other Iranian influenced groups in Yemen, Libya, Somalia and the Palestinian Territories. The fight against Boko Haram in Nigeria and probably quite a few more.This is not such a far stretch and is easily provable. We have a long history of training Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliated groups against dictators we don’t like. No one knows if the theory is they will not eventually turn on us, but that never seems to be the case. While this is the policy debates many in the government and among the citizenry want to have, it is alleged that the Deep State are united in not wanting to have to submit to the public on their methods or connection to the repercussions.

Enter President Trump. Trump, while an open advocate of using overwhelming US Military might to crush ISIS, has been more skeptical on the ability of the intelligence agencies to make to right call when it comes to foreign operations. He has openly questioned their judgement and blamed them for heir outcomes. He has appointed outsider to the State Department and included his own political advisors on the National Security Council.  It is being speculated that these agencies have decided it is better to fight Trump than to fight the whole world.

Something this 4chan source alleges is that Project MKULTRA hasn’t ended, and that children, yes, children, are used to experiment.  Why? Their minds are a play-doh that can be shaped far easier than that of adults.

What they found was that the best way to mindbreak a person was induce a “dissociative state”. A dissociative state is when your brain creates a mental barrier to shield you from immediate trauma. it shields your “ego” to put it in Jungian terms. When you’re in these states your conscious mind recedes and you becomes extremely suggestible. You become like putty in a handler’s hands and you can be made to kill, maim, whatever they tell and train you to do.

Now the sickest part of this is that it’s fairly hard to induce dissociative states, especially in adults. So what the CIA figured out was “fuck it! It works easier on kids! Let’s just torture kids and train them from childhood to be murderers!” Now because the CIA was already selling drugs, they connections to an endless supply of off the grid trafficked kids to fuck with and experiment on. This ballooned into all the Satanic Cults you see popping up all over the place loosely associated with the CIA, DIA, etc. Many of these cults operated and abused children on military base pre-schools and similar government funded childcare centers.

While, until actual evidence of this is found, it remains an unproven conspiracy theory. It is becoming good fodder for the political class. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer came as close to a threat as possible when warning President Trump against messing with the intelligence agencies.

Right now, thanks to Wikileaks Vault 7 document dump, we know the CIA can listen to people through almost any electronic device. whether it is your phone, car or video camera. The dangerous factions within the CIA can likely spy on the JSOC, and also likely have loyalists and (at the very least) obedient soldiers who keep their mouths shut within JSOC’s ranks. Most importantly, the JSOC is beholden to the intelligence the CIA gives them (or withholds from them). They do missions on behalf of the CIA, for the benefit of the United States, and possibly, for the benefit of just the CIA.

This could all be just another theory the internet cooked up, or it could be just a peek into the secretive world of the deep state. We may never know if a civil war within the ranks is brewing, because any battles, or lack thereof, are happening behind the scenes. We will never know if patriots fought a war and won or lost against the globalists, because we just don’t know what is going on in The Deep State. President Trump and Wikileaks are bringing this battle of darkness into the light. How these nocturnal creatures react in the sunlight is uncharted territory. Trying to predict what is coming next in this spy vs. spy saga is impossible. All we know is that Special forces under Secretary of Defense Mattis and President Trump are closing in on the shrinking ISIS. The real issue is whether, after ISIS is crushed, the next terrorist group to arise will be trained by the same American forces that trained the others before them

Here is a link to the archive of the 4Chan thread.
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