Confused About Gender, Trans and Women’s Rights? So Am I [VIDEO]

gender Trans Rights and Womens rights

Lately, in the course of analyzing policy, it is becoming harder and harder to determine what the Left is trying to say. Since every point they make seems to contain the sense of urgency required to prevent the downfall of human society, it seems a little weird that the science they quote and policy they advocate are so at odds with each other. The second is their ability to attack people for questioning their schizophrenic ideas. No where is this more apparent than their arguments about Gender, Women’s Rights and Trans Rights. Let’s get into it.

The Left claims there are principles which should be universally accepted or you are an ignorant misogynistic bigot who ignores reality.

Women’s Rights: Women face a certain set of issues that are directly related to their Gender. Whether it is access to Abortion, Contraception more money for an imagined pay gap etc. These are issues that only women face and that can only be corrected by government intervention.

Gender: Gender is not a biological reality. The XX and XY chromosome thing is bunk. Gender is arbitrarily assigned by a doctor at birth based on such ridiculous standards as genitals. It is offensive to assume someone’s Gender based on how they are born.

Trans Rights: Since Gender is nothing more than an assignment at birth, there are plenty of people who are assigned the wrong gender and this needs to be corrected. Because of the insidious bigotry faced by those who disagree with their designation of gender, it takes no less than criminal stifling of free speech, the redefinition of male/female by adding 43 (and counting) pronouns to the English language and unlimited access to facilities like restrooms, sports programs and locker rooms based on a person’s designated identity.

Since it would seem, these three principles are completely at odds with each other. I have a libertarian solution that everyone can get behind (although I bet the Left will still find a way to complain).

Let’s just designate everyone a man and be done with it. 

There will be no more pay gap, insurance will just fund contraception for all (free condoms woo hoo) and bathrooms and sports teams will just be fully integrated for all men. In fact, it becomes even easier. Fashion stores will not have to cater to women and men anymore. No more Gay Marriage debate, we are all homosexual men now! Or we are all Trans Men! Whatever works!

We will all get mammograms and prostate exams. Free Tampons for all of us. Don’t you dare ask for maternity leave, there is only Paternity leave now. It is so easy to be fair and just. We just all need to be the same!

Crap, we still haven’t addressed race or nationality yet. Those are just designations too. I guess we are all Argentinian and Arab too? Actually, we can throw religion in there too now. Since we are all Argentinian Arab Islamic Men, Sharia Law sounds pretty awesome. No one has to cover up anymore, no more being chucked off buildings, no more terrorism. This is really starting to rock.

If this little diatribe seems insane, and completely silly it is because it is. Yet, this is what the Left is asking you to actually believe to not get pulled over by the equality police and given a pink ticket.

The Left doesn’t want you to focus on these issues too closely or to be focused on any one of them because the stark lunacy of what they are suggesting is too much for the human (yet all male now) brain to understand. To side with them you have to believe these realities.

  1. That when women throw on their Pussy Hats to march for their rights and those of the LGBTQ community and others, that they should unite behind the organizers of the event who include.
    1. A Palestinian Terrorist, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who murdered two Jewish kids just for being Jewish and then lied to get into this country.
    2. A Hijab wearing Muslim fundamentalist, Linda Sarsour, who praises Saudi Arabia for their pro-women policies, threatens an A$$ Whippin and to take away the vaginas of victims of Female Genital Mutilation because they criticize her views.
    3. A convicted murderer, Donna Hylton, who tortured and murdered a gay man and then spent 27 years in prison for it. When caught and they asked her how she could possibly feel about the chair leg she forced into his anus, she replied “He was gay, so he probably enjoyed it”.
  2. That a boy who wants to use the women’s locker room in a Virginia High School, because he identifies as a girl yet still has a penis, is the victim of discrimination because they said no. Well, actually they didn’t say no. They put up privacy curtains in the locker rooms so no one has to see each other naked, this of course was not good enough for the “trans” student, and he continued his lawsuit. Not only do you have to change next to him, but if her penis makes you uncomfortable, too bad. Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s wiener before? Jeez.
  3. That there are now not two pronouns to refer to peoples gender but 43 and counting. If you fail to take the time to memorize them and use them appropriately than you are just a bigot, plain and simple.

Seems my idea of everyone being a man isn’t so crazy anymore, huh?

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