Tuesday: Stefanie MacWilliams On The Poetic Liberty Podcast

Poetic liberty podcast

Stefanie MacWilliams will be interviewed on the Poetic Liberty Podcast at 8PM EST / 7PM CST on Tuesday, March 14.

Poetic Liberty Podcast


The  event will be live HERE on Tuesday night.  In the meantime, make sure to follow the Poetic Liberty Podcast and Stefanie MacWilliams on Twitter.


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Stefanie MacWilliams
Stefanie MacWilliams is a dissident Canadian millennial, mom, buffalo sauce afficianado, and right-wing political troublemaker. She co-owns (and writes for) HalseyNews.com, hosts the Right Millennial show on Youtube, and can be found frequently on her twitter account @StefMacwilliams or you can email her at Stefanie@HalseyNews.com