The Day They Won, Republicans Being Republicans [VIDEO]

linda Sarsour Milo

The Republican Party truly believes that their mandate for governing allows them to ignore that the Left is taking them down piece by piece. 

Since 1994, when Newt Gingrich lead the Republican Party to their first Congressional majority in 40 years, the Republican Party has focused on the long game. They may win elections, but they are continuing to lose the country. They have zero control over the conversation…and that matters.

The Left has always thought institutionally. They don’t care so much about individual seats. They don’t care about governing (any trip to a Democratically controlled city can show that). They care way more about the long game than the Republicans have ever even contemplated. They control the narrative and every organ of society in which to do that. Once they pick a target, they attack it so mercilessly that, even if the Republicans grew a pair, it would near impossible to defend.

The Left controls the school systems, The Universities, The Trial Lawyers, The Unions, Hollywood, the Non-profit world and the UN. Together, they basically have a hammer lock on all the tools necessary to control the conversation. This is the real reason President Trump won. He threatened both the dominance of information from the Democratic side and the dependable meekness of the Republican side. While the Left will keep the hysteria set to “Max” for the next four years, they realize that it is not safe to go after President Trump in a way they can hurt him directly. Instead, they are going back to their long game of attacking the institutions that the Republicans either control or have made serious gains in.

Below are some examples of the destructive power of the Democratic Machine and a Republican Party too timid to fight it.

Milo Yiannopoulos: Freedom of Speech

Milo Yiannopoulos attacked the Left where they live – in the media and in the colleges. Milo, a self proclaimed “professional provocateur”, is a gay, British and Jewish Conservative. More than that, his entire purpose was in the promotion of free thought and ideas. He ruthlessly attacked PC Culture, Social Justice, Feminism, and Islam. In other words, every single issue the Left uses to get what they want by strictly controlling the narrative.They do this systematically as well. Dinesh D’Souza was too brown to not agree with the Left, so that had him sent to jail. Ben Shapiro is a threat, but as an Orthodox Jew there is little fear he will change the opinions of anyone in the minority, Jewish or Female demographics. Additionally, because he is Jewish, no one will really heed his call on the danger of Radical Islam.  They have already, somehow, turned Ben Carson and Allen West into lunatics and idiots. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are now white according to the Left. There was really only Milo. He had to be destroyed. Milo kept looking like a Sith Lord, he could feel their anger. It gave him focus, it made him stronger!

Milo Yiannopoulos has done a lot for Republicans

The latest victim of the Left, Milo Yiannopoulos

The Left decided to wait until he was vulnerable. His Dangerous Faggot tour just ended with horrible violence at UC Berkley. He was scheduled on every News station. He was headlining CPAC, he had a lucrative book deal, and was in a leadership role at Breitbart. He had already been banned from Twitter (they learned their lesson by letting President Trump stay on Twitter). They only needed to do one thing and he was done. He had to be a victim.  In the course of a week, the guy who spent the majority of the last couple of years riding around on a bus painted with a mural advertising his “Dangerous Faggot Tour”, the guy who spends at least a portion of every speech talking about sucking black d*cks, the guy who put out a poll asking if respondents would rather their daughter have cancer or be a feminist (Cancer won) and the guy who trolled Leslie Jones so hard they booted him off Twitter.

That guy still became a victim and blamed his poor behavior on his victimhood status, and they took it all away. He lost his book, his speeches, his job and his fame. Milo operated under the principle that he had done so much for the Republican Party that the Right would have his back. Chock that one up to lack of knowledge of American Culture, the Republicans always throw the strong ones to the wolves. Now the only place you see Milo is on Facebook. Milo could have won the day by not caring what they said about him. He had become successful enough to care, and the Left won yet again.

Linda Sarsour: Freedom of Religion

The Left has never been able to make real inroads in the Religious world. They have to support too many principles – Abortion, Gay Rights, and Hollywood Culture. The Christian faith was having none of that. So the Left needed to make the religious demographic irrelevant, or an enemy.

Enter Linda Sarsour.

Linda Sarsour is proof of the Republicans lack of backbone

Sharia proponent and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour

There is no bigger steaming pile of hypocrisy than the Left’s support of Linda Sarsour and her terrorist cronies. There is literally no reason at all the Left should support her. None. She is religious, she supports an oppressive implementation of religious law which targets gays, women and non-Muslims for death when they get uppity, she insults the victims of genital mutilation and says she wishes she could take their vaginas away and consorts with people who have literally spent time in prison for murdering gays and Jews. This woman should be the definition of an enemy of the Left. Yet she is the organizer of the Woman’s March on Washington. She has American women putting on the Hijab to show the power of WOMEN’S Rights. WTF? How is this even possible?

The issue is that she represents what the Left has always needed.

A religious target for the right.

They can’t support a religious Christian. It is Christianity which they consider the enemy in the first place. No, what they need to do is paint a picture. They paint American Christians as intolerant, racist, violent, ignorant boobs who would rather read a book on angels than one on Science. This never worked very well because the overwhelming majority of Americans were Christians. So, they needed to turn Christians into the victims. Through Linda Sarsour and her vile ilk, they are able to say, “Religious Christians, you claim victimhood status when we come after you and say we are lying, but you are doing the same to this peaceful misunderstood Muslim woman!”

The Left wins on two fronts. They turn Linda Sarsour into a victim of Religious persecution by the Religious Right, and they gain a new Muslim voting bloc too. They tend to like voting blocs that are comprised of unlimited potential voters, looking to come to the United States without going through the full legal process. They also like to bring these new voters without going through the process so they immediately become hooked on government benefits. They get to destroy the Religious Right and gain hundreds of thousands of voters too? It’s a win-win for the Left.

This is another example of the Republicans having the opportunity to come out boldly in support of their Christian base and condemn a horrible supporter of some of the most evil principles on the planet. Which do they choose? Well, the Christians have been calling. The phone goes to Voicemail.

These are just two examples of the way it is all going down in Washington. The Left is not really going to do anything to Trump except possibly scare the Republicans in Congress so badly that they will not be able to do anything remotely constructive for the next four years. Then, they can go after the Presidency again and probably win it and get the microphone back. The Republicans can finally grow up and do something about it, but then again, they are owned by the Russians.

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