I’m A Mother, And Feminists Don’t Care About Me

I’m the mother of a little boy named Dawson. He’ll be sixteen months old this month, and he’s definitely a toddler. Over the past couple of months, he’s mastered walking, and now he’s trying to run, climb, and presumably jump off of the things he climbs onto soon enough. He’s a goofy little troll with a ton of personality and adorable little baby chiclet-teeth.

When he says “mama”, it melts my heart.

My life has changed so much in 2017, to the point where I have declared that “2017 is my year!” and meant it. I went from being a stay at home mom who wrote about politics as a hobby, to a work at home mom with big goals for writing and speaking about politics as a career. I left a very negative marriage, and found a lot of happiness and joy restored to my life. I’ve gotten back into running and getting in shape. I have relationships with family and friends to nurture. And, of course, I’m a right-wing millenial, which has a way of impacting many areas of my life.

But more than anything else, when I wake up in the morning, my number one priority is being Dawson’s mother. No exceptions. No excuses.

There are days when I get frustrated and snappy with him, when I’m on the phone with a customer service agent I can barely understand and he’s ripping my books off the shelves while screaming. Being a mother is hard work. Sometimes, his little attitude makes some memorable moments – like today when he slammed my keyboard and took a truly magical Skype profile photo of me.

I'm a mother, it's how it is.

The pore mask was a really nice touch. Thanks, buddy.

I will try my best to give my all to as many things as I take on in my life, be they relationships or business affairs. However, being a mother is always going to be the hill I die on. And that is something I take deep pride in.

Enter the Woman’s March, the #DayWithoutAWoman, International Women’s Day, whatever.

It’s the same thing every time. Feminists pretending they represent women, and useful idiot women allowing them to get away with it. Lately, they’ve added a special touch: complaining about Donald Trump and his oppressive views on women, or something. #Resist!

I find these constant feminist campaigns to be exhausting. These protests consist of nothing more than whining women protesting for rights that they already have. Women have been given equal rights under the law in the Western world. No one can name a single law which treats women differently from men, with the exception of abortion issues, which is of course due to biology and nothing else. The left doesn’t want equality, they want equity.

Frankly, I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all of this asinine complaining from the most privileged group we have ever seen in human history. I hate identity politics as much as anyone, but if we’re going to play Privilege Ladder, you lose that game, too.

Yes, despite what feminists will tell you, Western women fare better than anyone else as a group in pretty much every category (especially when we include important things like, you know, not dying as often.). If the worst you have to complain about is men telling you to smile, I am truly happy to see that you are living a blessed life. Because you are. 

I won’t even get into the way women are treated in Islamic countries – you know, under Sharia law, which is supported by multiple Women’s March leaders.  Personally, I’m of the impression that ideological feminists getting involved would actually make the Middle East even more of a hellhole, if that’s possible, but that’s another article. The simple point is this: feminists don’t care about women who actually suffer, they care about stupid inconveniences.

But something else deeply bothers me about feminism in general and these protests specifically.

Motherhood is ignored completely. 

Oh, sure, we might get some lovely chants of “abortion on demand and without apology!” by half naked women holding bloody coat hangers. Maybe they’ll throw in a “her body, her choice!” sign or two. Feminists are very good at making one thing clear: advocating for sex is a lot more important than advocating for motherhood, and it’s even more important than human life. 

Look, I don’t need feminists to fight for me. I am in fact part of the most privileged group in society, being a modern-day woman in Canada. I am blessed and I have no delusions that I am somehow being disadvantaged.


When feminists take over International Women’s Day to make it about slut walks, free abortions, free birth control, Donald Trump, pussy hats, men asking them to smile, and whatever other nonsense they’ve come up with, I have a problem with that.

If we must have a day to celebrate women, how about we celebrate the one thing that women absolutely kick ass at. The one thing we can do that men cannot ever do. The one thing that is truly miraculous, the one thing that has quite literally kept civilization moving forward, the one thing by which every man and every woman on this earth exists because of.

Being a mother.  

New mother

Me and my son, not even a day old.

Where is my celebration, feminists?

Where are you guys to celebrate the fact that I’ve breastfed my child for 16 months and still going strong?

Oh wait, you’re too busy pushing formula as some sort of empowered choice for women, even though it has health risks for babies and mothers

Where are you guys to celebrate the fact that I gave birth with no pain medication? I’d say that was a pretty strong thing to do – I’ve never felt more empowered in my life. I made a choice I believe was the best for me, and despite people telling me I’d never be able to do it, I made it happen.

Where are you guys to celebrate the fact that I am doing as much as I can to raise my child at home with me instead of in a daycare (which, incidentally, is statistically more likely to be run by a poor woman of color in most areas)?

Who am I kidding. That stuff doesn’t matter to feminists. Being good mothers and good wives, that’s oppression! Even though strong, complementarian families are obviously good for society. Especially black families. 

Oh wait! I found the one thing feminists might celebrate me for! I’m a single mother. I guess that might score me some points! The one thing about myself as a mother that I hope to change in the future when I re-marry.

It’s all just so typical, and I find it harder to even laugh at feminists any more when I see the destruction their political influence continues to cause.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining. I’m not a feminist. I’m a strong woman. It doesn’t matter whose approval I have. I know I’m a mother, and a damn good one.

And that’s something to take pride in, whether feminists like it or not.

Wish your mother a happy International Woman’s Day. You wouldn’t be here without her.

A mother is the vessel by which God’s greatest miracle happens, and that is something worth celebrating.  Let’s start glorifying women as nurturers.

We are amazing at it.

***Disclaimer: I only seek to state facts I have learned about infant feeding, child birth, and family structure. Like any other issue, not everyone fits a statistic, and I do not believe mothers who choose differently than me (or are forced to make different decisions) are bad mothers or anything of the sort. We must be willing to argue facts before we can make choices, not shut down discussions in case feelings get hurt. See the featured image? Not recommended: gaining like 50 pounds like I did. Things happen, there are no perfect parents, and I will never claim to be one. ***

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  1. Lobo Blanco | March 8, 2017 at 11:32 pm |

    Beautifully written.
    You are correct Stefanie. This current radical, insane version of feminism has no use for you because you are not the thing they most cherish, a victim.

  2. Michael Harris | March 9, 2017 at 1:16 pm |

    BANG! That’s a smack across the face if I ever saw one. Talk about laying the truth on thick. And of course she’s right. Your kicking ass!

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