5 Scandals Democrats Should Answer For [Video]


We all know that politicians lie on both sides of the aisle, but Democrats have a special way of treating us like we’re idiots. The Democratic Party has its roots in basically every horror show that America has seen. Lately, with the election of President Trump their hypocrisy and scandals are on the front pages every day. It was hard to choose only five, but let’s give it a try.

1. Russia And The 2016 Election

Democrats Russia

The Democrats needed a reason to explain to their voters why their self labeled “most qualified candidate in history” had lost to a man they labeled as a buffoon. They tried racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia yet none of them worked. So what did they do? Blame it on the Russians. These were the same Russians President Obama laughed at Mitt Romney for when Romney said they were a huge threat. The same Russians Hilary gave control over huge portions of American Uranium, The Same Russians that President Obama was on a hot mic saying he had more flexibility to work with,  The same Russians who paid Bill Clinton millions for speeches and the list goes on. Now it was the Russians who hacked the DNC and Hilary Clinton Campaign Manager, John Podesta, who were secretly working with Donald Trump to steal the election, and Democracy. Now it is coming out that President Obama might have used illegal wiretaps and false court documents to spy on President-Elect Trump and his staff in order to prove a fake connection with the Russians. Will anyone answer for it? Probably not, but the Democrats should never be allowed to forget what fools they made of themselves over it.

2. Fast and Furious

Holder Fast and Furious

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign for giving a false answer to Congress, scream the angry Democrats. They want you to forget the Fast and Furious Operation where the Attorney General knowingly allowed guns to run from America into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Oh, and a border control agent was shot and killed by one of the guns. Should he resign…nahhhhhh.

3. Loretta Lynch And Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Loretta Lynch

So here is the timeline. Hilary Clinton refuses to talk to the FBI about her illegal email server for years. Then her husband, former President Bill Clinton holds up his plane to talk to Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a Phoenix Airport (don’t worry, they only discussed their grandkids). Amid calls for an Independent Counsel, Lynch says she will not decide the Hilary case and will accept any ruling the FBI gives. Hilary voluntarily goes and talks to the FBI about the case. The FBI rues, she wasn’t a criminal, just a moron. At least Lynch has gone on to more ethical behavior, like calling for a violent overthrow of President Trump.

4. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren

Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas

The hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren is in a class all its own. Lets list a few of her doozies. She lied about being Native American to get a discount on school. She chastises colleges for being so expensive yet gets paid $475,000 a year to teach one class. She rips on banks for offering people credit lines against their homes, yet has a $1.3 million dollar line herself. The list goes on and on. But at least we got the joy of watching Trump call her Pocahontas.

5. Basically Every Racist Law Written In The US…Ever

Democrats Ku Klux Klan

Its not just that the Demcratic Party has been involved in shady racist laws. It is that they basically sponsored every single one of them. Let’s list all the Democratic Racist Roots.

The Democrats founded:

  1. Southern Confederate Slavery
  2. The KKK
  3. Jim Crow
  4. Margret Sanger’s Eugenic Abortion Clinics
  5. Segregation in schools and public
  6. The exclusion of Blacks from the New Deal
  7. The exclusion of women from voting
  8. The Private Prison revolution
  9. Racist drug laws
  10. Black Lives Matter

The list goes on and on, but don”t worry, they say the Republicans are the racist ones now.

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