Why Populist Media Is Winning

Why populist media is winning

The left-wing media constantly whines about Donald Trump being a populist (In the next breath, they go on to call him a Hitler-esque authoritarian, but that’s typical liberal cognitive dissonance for you) like it’s automatically a bad thing

Populism, by simple definition, means only that a person works for and in the interest of “the people”. That’s about it. Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t electing leaders who actually represent the people and their interests a pretty integral part of democracy? Yes, I’m aware that the United States is a Constitutional republic and not necessarily a democracy, and that no majority rule may override Constitutional rights, but the point still stands.

Should we elect only leaders who fall within the favorable gaze of the elites? Of course not, and yet, this seems to be one of the left’s many contentions with Donald Trump. “A populist! But what if the people want something that is bad for them! We have plenty of academics and elites to decide what will really work, we don’t need Joe Lunchbucket!”

Is it any surprise that Trump won on November 8, or that he is still bringing hope to millions of Americans?

To me, it’s a no brainer. The people are not stupid. The people have real concerns, and they matter. From the woman who teaches your child math to the man who fixes your car, the “unwashed masses” have a perspective that is worth listening to, and it has been neglected for far too long by elitist politicians.

Enter the media.

Media trust according to gallup

American’s don’t really trust the “MSM”. According to Gallup, only 32% said they placed a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust in the media – and only 14% of Republicans said the same.

Again I say, is anyone surprised by these findings?

The media, like elite politicians, have decided that the everyday person and how they experience reality does not matter. That they, with their fancy journalism degrees and prime time slots on CNN and MSNBC, really know what’s happening in the world, and when their views come into conflict with the day to day experiences of the everyday American, too bad, they’re right anyway.

Now, this is not to disparage the politically aware who spend hours a day staying up-to-date on what’s happening in the world. I like to believe I’m one of those people, though I am forever humbled by how much I don’t know. Sally Smith down at the convenience store may not have time to be completely up on politics, she’s taking care of three kids by herself. It happens, and it’s okay.

That’s why the media exists. Our job is to find the who, what, when, where, and why – and then convey that information.

"They Live" portrays a dystopian ad driven world

This? Not so much what we should be doing.

And we convey that information to the people. 

How very populist of us!

That’s what it comes down to. As a journalist and commentator, I consider myself employed by multiple entities. Here’s the order of importance.

  1. I am employed by the truth, and the integrity I set out to maintain every day.
  2. I am employed by the people who read my work.
  3. I am employed by HalseyNews.com

As much as I love working for Halsey News and helping to drive the vision of the site, it must always come third in the hierarchy. Because if it doesn’t, my paycheck becomes meaningless. If I lose my integrity, I have no interest in doing this work, and you should have no interest in listening to a word I say.

I work for you. Whoever you are, I promise you that I will do my best to convey the truth to you.

I don’t believe that your average writer over at The New York Times can say the same.

This is not a war on facts. Facts matter more than feelings, and facts are still true, even if 99% of people disagree. I have no interest in promoting “fake news” or in changing the facts to fit my narrative.

It’s about remembering the people who are informed by what I write, and what I speak. When they speak to me, and they tell me that they’re not hearing the information that matters to them (What’s happening in countries with mass migrant rape crises? How many jobs were really gained under the Obama administration? How prevalent is black on white hate crime? How many late-term abortions were performed?), it is my duty to listen.

My dear, dear colleagues in the mainstream media: lying by omission is still lying.

Claiming you care about the truth while obfuscating it is a blight on the profession of journalism as a whole.

And for goodness’ sake, when Joe Lunchbucket tells you he’s losing his job to an illegal immigrant, take a minute to listen.  You might learn something.

Maybe you’ll even get a hot story out of it.

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