Wiretap Narrative Explains What’s Wrong With Liberal Media

The wiretap narrative and the liberal media

Yesterday morning, Donald Trump did what Donald Trump does best: he sent the media to the ground running using a few 140-character long posts on Twitter, accusing Barack Obama of placing wiretap surveillance on him. I knew the moment I read the tweets that an entertaining news cycle would surely follow, and I was not disappointed.

The serious accusations by the President were shared broadly, dubbed “#Obamagate” by users of Twitter and other social media websites. As the scandal began to take off, Democrats were quick to deny that the Obama administration would ever spy on an American citizen, and to accuse Trump of being irresponsible by tweeting the allegations.

An Obama spokesperson made an extremely careful statement, stating that “A cardinal rule of the Obama Administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice.” So, basically, we didn’t do it, but it might have been done. That’s assuming that the Democrats have the integrity to stick to their own policies – not a bet I’d be taking, considering Attorney General Lynch’s private plane meeting with Bill Clinton, among other things.

“I can tell you that it’s just ridiculous for President Trump to say that President Obama would ever order any wiretap of an American citizen. Any president…We don’t do that.” Said House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Meanwhile, willfully naïve mainstream media journalists joined the fun.

I guess Jake Tapper (a friendly face from the Wikileaks emails) doesn’t have a very good memory.

The idea that the left is even attempting to deny the possibility that Trump may be telling the truth is absurd. In an interview on Fox News, Mark Levin breaks down why he believes there is “overwhelming evidence” that the Obama administration engaged in executive overreach.

And he got this evidence from the same media which is now treating the idea of Barack Obama tapping political opponents as a joke.

This is what the left does, especially the left wing media. When they’re proven wrong or logically incoherent, they simply double down. This is what happens when you become married to a narrative – the facts must always fit, and if they don’t, it’s the facts or the presentation of the facts that are wrong, never the narrative you decided was true beforehand.  

The biggest question which ran through my head was this: is this narrative true, or is the Russian collusion narrative true?

It has been widely reported that the FBI, under the Obama administration, acquired a second FISA warrant in October to examine Trump’s possible ties to Russia.  In the scope of this warrant, it is possible it was used to collect evidence and surveil Donald Trump and some of his pertinent associates, even though they are American citizens

It’s all a bit murky and technical, so forgive me any ignorance of the specifics, but it comes down to this: multiple warrants have been issued and the politicized intelligence community has had since October to find something concrete on the “Trump as Russian puppet” narrative.

And they haven’t released a damned thing.

So which one is it, liberal media? Was Donald Trump colluding with the Russians, and Barack Obama had to wiretap him and his campaign for the good of the country? Or is the whole “Russian interference and hacking” story a bunch of baseless allega
tions, so they didn’t bother to spy on him at all, or they did and found nothing?

Of course, logical possibilities aren’t good enough. They want door number three: Donald Trump is a Russian puppet of Vladimir Putin, and Obama didn’t wiretap him in the first place because “we just don’t do that.”

Why do we allow the left (and I place a particular blame on the media) to get away with these bizarre mental gymnastics? Cognitive dissonance is well established phenomena, but that doesn’t mean we should let the media at large get away with shamelessly indulging in it.

If you or I said two things that were in complete conflict with each other, we would be asked to pick one. When two things are diametrically opposed, one cannot be true if the other is. On the left, though, this basic rule of human discourse doesn’t apply.

This happens all the time with the left. Here’s a much less convoluted example of cognitive dissonance: If gender is a social construct, why do transgender people exist? 

I have been talking about the insanity of the radical wing of the LGBT community for years. I have never, once,  heard a remotely coherent answer to this question. For a question that is so fundamental to the way we view transgender rights, you’d think we’d get an answer, but we never do.

For whatever reason, us on the “right” allow them to get away with abusing basic logic instead of making them face the music when their narrative crumbles in the face of the facts.

Trump is a Russian puppet, or he isn’t.

Obama’s administration or his cronies authorized a wiretap on Trump, or he didn’t.

You don’t get to play both sides.

And I’m done with leaving you the option of door number three.

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