Donald Trump Needs To Condemn Antisemitism Now [Video]

President Donald Trump

Actually, no he doesn’t. Sorry for the click bait title, but I wanted to show the power of a statement like this before going into the topic. It elicits anger, agreement, disapproval and a wide variety of emotions when you bring hate into the public arena. That being said, it is ridiculous to say that the President needs to make a strong statement on antisemitism just because his political opponents want him to. Let’s get into it a bit…

First off, if you actually believe that the President of the United States and his Chief Strategist want to see Jewish targets across the country bombed and Jews killed then I am sorry, this article is definitely not for you. Maybe a padded room somewhere where you can be properly medicated.

Secondly, and more to the point, why is it that the Left suddenly discovered antisemitism in this country? Jews have been the victims of the highest % of hate crimes against religious minorities pretty much since they started keeping records. Even more interesting, the vast majority of those attacks come from the Left on college campuses (due to perceived support for Israel) and by Muslims (where antisemitism in ingrained in the religion and whose countries are by far the most antisemitic on the planet). Yet I don’t recall hearing such vocal condemnations from President Obama or those on the Left for the last 8 years. Even when Jews in Israel are blown up on a bus there is a decent minority on the Left who don’t feel the need to call out antisemitism. What does that have to do with President Trump? EVERYTHING.

For the last year the press has been reporting multiple bomb threats against Jewish targets throughout America on a pretty regular basis (they have been happening for a lot longer than that but I digress). Couple that with the desecration of two Jewish cemeteries recently and the Press and the Left are frothing at the mouth. Where is the President? Where is his condemnation?

They do not actually care about a condemnation though, what they want is an admission of guilt. Throughout the campaign and right to this minute the Left has needed to hang its hat on this false notion that the only thing that could allow the election of Donald Trump was a deep seeded racism that is an epidemic in America. That Americans (who voted for President Obama and Almost Vice President Joe Leiberman) were at the core ridiculously racist and their plans for America are rooted in the desire to rebuild the Confederacy. This is why they want him to act now with a condemnation.

Notice they aren’t calling for the perpetrators to be hunted down and brought to justice? Notice they aren’t asking who could be behind this or for investigations to hunt down and destroy antisemitism? No that would expose their explicit silence or acknowledgement of the antisemitism on their side. What they actually want is an admission of guilt, a validation of their narrative and the ability to smear the President and his advisors as being the true racists. We saw this right after the election with the rash of “hate crimes” across America targeting Latinos, members of the LGBTQ community, Jews, African-Americans etc. The problem with that narrative is those accusations almost all turned out to be hoaxes or perpetrated by people on the Left in order to further the narrative (see Here, Here, Here, Here, Here ad nauseam). Regardless, they further the narrative that President Trump is somehow responsible for the rise in Hate Crimes (there isn’t one) and that he needs to come clean.

Also interesting to note is no one knows who are even perpetrating these crimes yet. I may be proven wrong (it happens), but usually the bad guys do these kind of things for publicity. They tend to let the cause they are doing it for be known at the very least. They don’t get any props for it if the world doesn’t even know why they are doing it. It may turn out to be Leftist agitators or Muslim groups, the only thing I can guarantee you is if it is either, the media silence will be deafening.

Let’s take a second to look at some of their main arguments as to why Donald Trump is an antisemite and show how utterly ridiculous the narrative has become.

  1. Donald Trump Was Endorsed By David Duke: Actually, he wasn’t. David Duke said he agreed with Trump on some of the issues but explicitly was not going to endorse him. You know who David Duke did endorse? Keith Ellison for head of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison has been accused of not harboring antisemitic thoughts and feeling but being an actual antisemite. Where is the condemnation there? The demand of Ellison stepping down as it is proof he is a racist? That couldn’t happen. In Fact, you have to dig to even find media coverage of it (here you go).
  2.  He Appointed Steve Bannon, a known White Supremacist to a position of power: Except Steve Bannon is not an antisemite. He is the guy antisemites fear. Unflinching in his support of Jews, Israel and protecting Jews and Americans from Radical Islam. Steve Bannon has been tireless in his work to upend the radical antisemites that are so prevalent on the left. Additionally:
    1. The Anti-Defamation League called him an Anti-Semite. After outrage by JEWISH groups they scaled it back to he “enables” anti-semitism, whatever that means.
    2. He called Bill Kristol a “Renegade Jew”: Actually he didn’t, David Horowitz, a warrior for Jewish Causes, wrote the article and he called Kristol a Renegade Jew for being willing to sell out Israel to avoid a Trump Presidency.
    3. He asked a Rabbi at a School why there were so many books about Hanukkah: That Rabbi came out and said the media was using the comment completely out of context. Bannon was told the school did not promote religion. When he saw all the books about Hanukkah in the library he asked the Rabbi how that melds with his statement about not pushing any religion. The Rabbi said there was ZERO anti-semitic overtones to his questions.
    4. He doesn’t want to send his kids to school with Jews: This was not said by him, his ex wife claimed he said it during horrible divorce proceedings. He has vociferously denied saying it.
    5. Let’s also look at Bannon’s career. He worked for Andrew Breitbart and Chen, both Jews. When he took over as CEO of Breitbart, he continued to be a partner with a Jew. His writers include Ben Shapiro (orthodox Jew, who resigned over differences that had nothing to do with Anti-Semitism, he actually goes out of his way to say that Bannon is not an Anti-Semite), Joel Pollack, David Horowitz and Andrew Klein. He considers opening Breitbart Jerusalem one of his greatest achievements at Breitbart. Breitbart has featured hundreds of articles supporting Jews, Israel and slamming anti-semitism on college campuses. Milo Yiannopoulos is also a Jew.

The Left has decided that, since their entire argument of racism and antisemitism is making them look like whiny babies, that the next thing they need to push the narrative is for an admission by President Trump that antisemitism is increasing in the country and he is responsible for it. As an American Jew, he owes me no such apology. I am sure he doesn’t owe his Jewish kids, grandkids, hundreds of Jewish employees and the rest of the Jewish world one either.

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