Why I’m Still Talking About Transgender Bathrooms

Transgender Bathrooms

I think it’s safe to say many of us are getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about the “transgender bathrooms debate”, myself included. It is such a non-issue in day to day life for virtually all of us that it is kind of mind boggling to see the amount of attention paid to it. However, I have been talking about this issue, because I think it really frames some deeper issues of freedoms and rights.

First of all, it’s time to cut the “Trump is Hitler towards the LGBT community” rhetoric, lefties. This was never a federal issue before Barack Obama. Until very recently, this was handled on a more local and state level. We wouldn’t be having this never ending argument if the left had been content to leave well enough alone. Trump didn’t start this one – but I’m sure glad he’s ending it. And he’s doing so while being the most pro-LGBT Republican President America has ever seen. 

How did we get to a point where transgender people, a population that consists of (high estimate) around 0.06% of the population, are determining the rights of the other 99.4% of Americans?

How did we get to a point where we are inviting the federal government into our toilets and changing rooms?

I wish I could say this is a weird, one-off sort of circumstance, but unfortunately it is not. Legislating for the minority to the detriment of the majority is a common tactic of the left in achieving their goals. They often manage to multitask, yelling at the (white, straight, cis) majority for not being good enough “allies” to their cause, even though the majority is often not only complicit in giving them special treatment, but actively allowing themselves to be harmed by said special treatment.

Look at how the left attempts to legislate abortion “rights”. It’s never about the reality of what abortion statistics actually look like, but instead focused on the tiny minority of cases which could puzzle an ethicist. This rhetoric has gotten millions of unborn children killed.

The same could be said for #BlackLivesMatter and their absurd demands of law enforcement based on a tiny portion of the violence actually committed against black people.  This rhetoric has gotten police killed.

Now, we have the same thing. And who will be effected?

Kids. Kids, who are trying to go to school or play sports, who want to feel safe. Who don’t want to be embarrassed. 12 year old girls who aren’t ready to be looking at penises. 

Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos gave a very reasonable statement on the matter – one that I doubt many on the left have read, considering their alarmist reactions to the issue.

DeVos stated that: “This is an issue best solved at the state and local level. Schools, communities and families can find – and often have found – solutions that protect all students.” She also made a point of reiterating her commitment to protect all students from bullying and harassment.

I think that she is completely right. I have nothing but sympathy for children who are struggling with gender dysphoria, and I would never wish for those students who are clearly at a higher risk of mental health issues and suicide to be targeted by other students. Bullying is not acceptable.


Why is it acceptable to so many that non-transgender students are having their rights taken away?

Also, why are we only talking about this in the context of bathrooms? Change rooms and locker rooms are where this issue really falls apart for the left.

I was homeschooled myself.  I’m quite familiar with gender-neutral bathrooms, seeing as my education took place inside my house.

However, I did attend one year of high school, and I remember the gym locker room with a pretty amazing amount of clarity. If I’d had the same sort of clarity about my classes, maybe I wouldn’t have gone back to homeschooling!

I remember the tiled walls, the half-broken water fountain, the smell of Calgon body spray…

Oh, and I remember how humiliated I felt having to get naked in front of other people.

It was awful. I felt so exposed, ugly, and uncomfortable on a daily basis. I dreaded getting ready for gym, and I almost always skipped showering afterwards because I didn’t want to  be there any longer than I had to after. That’s right, I hated it so much that I preferred to be sweaty for third period French than shower in front of these people.

And those people were all girls.

The fact that young children today may have to experience the locker room as a co-ed experience is nothing short of shocking to me.  You can say all you want that “transgender girls are girls” and that no one is suggesting “boys” go into the girl’s change room. However, under Obama’s guidelines, there is nothing to ensure that is the case (If this can even be assured is another debate for another time.)

A girl is a boy if she (he?) says he (she?) is, and vice versa.  They don’t have to have a diagnosis from a doctor of gender dysphoria, they don’t have to be physically transitioning… like most everything else the left does, it is left up entirely to “feelings” and “identity”.

So we have this insane Obama-era guideline, which proclaims feelings are all that matters, but then at the same time, we decide that non-transgender people get zero say on the issue whatsoever, because it’s just based on their feelings? Sound logic.

The government should not be legislating this at a federal level. We are talking about a minute group of people. I wish them the best, and as Secretary DeVos said, I believe this is something that can be worked out in individual schools. Then again, maybe not, when you’re dealing with these reasonable sorts of people. 

But even if it can’t always be worked out, every time, that transgender people face no inconvenience when using the washroom… So what?

There are some situations where the majority rules.

Sometimes, we need to strive for good enough, on an individual basis. Some things do not need to be legislated.

I have non-binocular vision. I can only see out of one eye at a time, therefore, I can’t see 3D movies. But if I don’t get the glasses (and sexily wear them over my other glasses), it looks doubled on screen. I have to pay a few extra dollars every time I go see movie, just to see an inferior version to what everyone else sees. Not really fair.

And again I say, so what?

Constitutional rights apply to all Americans. But you are not entitled special ones because you’re different.

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