American Hope: Why The Post-Trump Optimism Leap Matters

American hope

Much of the current political climate, from the 2016 election campaign to the aftermath known as President Trump, is defined in dualities and divisions. The left, which has decided that America is doomed. Not only that, but they have also spewed their bitter assurance of American destruction upon the rest of us, with even  popular celebrities going so far as to wish death by assassination on the President. A far cry from their “Hope and Change” rhetoric we saw only eight short years ago!

Today’s left is the same as the left we saw on November 8 – Hillary voters in #ImWithHer shirts with assorted tear drops speckled across their fronts, hysterically yelling at anyone who would listen just how bad this was all going to be. Well known pundits for mainstream media outlets, struggling not to cry on live television as they watched the world they had assumed they were entitled to slip away.

A poll by IBD/TIPP has shown that 50% of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction. For the first time since 2005. Before the election, that statistic sat at just 40%. If that doesn’t paint a picture of a nation of renewed hope, I don’t know what else would. And in case you’re a fellow poll-phobe, know that IBD/TIPP was the only national poll which had Trump trouncing Hillary in the federal election. They might be pollsters worth paying at least a little bit of attention to.

And there’s more optimism to be found. 77% of Americans would rather pay 5% more to buy American. Speaking of the American-made economy, 55% think it is improving. A full 51% are satisfied with federal economic policy.

But to the left, none of this matters. Looking at any media outlet, you will see the same doom-and-gloom rhetoric we have seen all the way through. It doesn’t matter if Americans are hoping again, companies are moving jobs back to US soil again, strides are being made in fighting Islamic terror, or any of the other good things that have happened in the short weeks since Trump’s inauguration.

It truly is bizarre to imagine, but it would seem that the left would rather Trump destroy the nation than do well as President.

Now, I wasn’t “on the right” or even particularly politically aware when Barack Obama took office in 2008. But I do remember a distinct lack of insistence by the right that Obama must fail, even if it meant negative consequences for the American people. It’s almost like we could figure out that even if “our guy” wasn’t in the White House, we’re all on this boat together – and it would be the best outcome for the current administration to succeed.

I’d argue that the right has, despite our many divisions and struggles, remained the party of the hopeful. Though many of us might have crowed a little, at least privately, when Barack Obama made a mistake, even if only to say “I told you so!”, we did not truly wish for a failed presidency. We didn’t want a worse America to score political points. And we certainly did not want the assassination of the President.

Of course, when I say this, I am accused of being “divisive”. The same way Donald Trump is accused of being divisive, no matter how much he makes it clear his intention is to fight for all Americans, even those who oppose him.

Hope for all, including the LGBT community.

I am not dividing anybody. Like Trump, I wish for a better America and a better world. My idealistic side wants that for everyone, even those I don’t like. Like Trump, I wish for a unity where we can all disagree and still want to make the United States “better together”. And not in the Hillary Clinton way.

My own journey towards becoming a Trump supporter was marked by a huge shift in my views, sure, but more than that, it was a huge shift in how I felt about my fellow people (yes, even as a Canadian, I have made my mental political home firmly in the U. S. of A.). Realizing just how little the right-wing of reality resembles the right-wing of the media’s creation – that was a big part of it. Realizing just how human these people I had never identified with, in how accepting they were, and how much they loved their country and their fellow man – that was even bigger.

I will accept that I am shedding light on the dualities that lead to our division  – because they matter.

In finding the right, I have found the hope. I have found the party (though I’m not sure that the party I’m speaking of exists on paper) that knows that even if we have to take steps back at times, even if things get messy, we have so much to fight for. 

And it was this view that helped us win in the first place. That helped us survive and even thrive in some ways during the Obama years, that helped us to take a deep and painful look at our own failings and find the solution and the way forward.

This poll was a heartwarming vindication. No poll can ever be perfect – but this one has only confirmed numerically what I already knew logically.

The era of American hope is here. It’s a tidal wave. It’s powerful. It’s electric. As much as the left would never admit it, I think they feel the hope in the air, too.

And as long as we continue to burn away our failings with the cleansing light of truth and self-reflection, it’s here to stay.

Let’s make the most of it. And even as we make a few too many “are we sick of winning yet jokes”, and enjoy the liberal tears just a little too much, let’s remember that bringing a little unity to America is a damn good goal.

Because though it might be fun to watch Trump beat the media, and the elites, and the radical left to a political pulp, I think we’re mature enough to know that it would be even better if both sides could come to an agreement and win together.

I’m not sick of winning yet.

And I’m really not sick of hoping.


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