The “#DayWithoutImmigrants” Was Really About Mexicans


This #DayWithoutImmigrants protest clearly had very little to do with immigrants as a general population. Like most Americans, legal immigrants had jobs to get to, families to feed, and an economy to contribute to. Including thousands of legal, hardworking Mexicans. Some of them are Trump supporters, who find it distasteful that while they worked hard to gain legal entry and join the American people as citizens, others quite literally jumped the line.

Now, with that being said, time to piss off some sensitive Mexicans.

The #DayWithoutImmigrants wasn’t about immigrants (though there were legal immigrants with the same attitude as the illegal immigrants included), and it wasn’t even about illegal immigrants in general.

It was about Mexican illegal immigrants.

Take a look at any of these protest events, and you will see a running theme. Mexican flags.


Photo: The Austin Chronicle

Interesting. I spy one American flag, and at least five Mexican flags.

And, of course, the gem of a sign with “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!” written on it.

Not scientific enough of a study for you? There are a lot of Mexican immigrants.  28% of all immigrants, in fact – and that’s just the folks that we have the data to account for. It would follow that there would be a lot of illegal Mexican immigrants, as well. Mexicans dominate that statistic, too, making up 52% of “unauthorized immigrants” in 2014.

This is a group of people who came to the United States illegally, putting themselves and sometimes even their children at great personal risk to cross the border, and then proceed to bring a Mexican flag to a protest complaining about how terrible America is. In the case of the sign below, it’s being held by a child, so that’s just all the better, I guess.

Hello, sane Mexicans? Do you not have a big issue with that?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hold on to some parts of your heritage when moving to a new country. I am certainly not opposed to Mexican flags. However, these protesters preach this idea that “we are a nation of immigrants”, but then proceed to act as though the United States is not a nation at all, and certainly not one worthy of respect.

These illegals left Mexico for a reason. Mexicans in Mexico face massive social and economic struggles that do not exist to the same degree in America. Which is kind of the point. They want to be in America, because they prefer America to Mexico. It’s really that simple, and it is the  lens by which we must view their behavior.

So, #DayWithoutImmigrants marchers, why on earth would you come to the United States, use your free speech rights to protest and public assembly, and then hold up the flag of the country you left instead of the flag of the country you supposedly are contributing so much to?

I struggle to come up with a rational answer. I feel the same way when I see Muslims fleeing barbaric Middle Eastern countries only to come to progressive Western countries, and then proceed to try and impose Islamic law.  Like many things on the left, this defies logic, and it certainly does no favors to law abiding Americans who came from Mexico and are proud of both their Mexican heritage AND their American home. (Or to Muslim women being abused, but that’s another article for another day.)

I can think of a couple of reasons behind this phenomena. I do feel that a small subgroup hate the West and American values in general, and wish to bring destruction to those rights and freedoms.

I’d argue most at the Day Without Immigrants marches are simply useful idiots, fed nonsense by a braindead media culture which posits that every evil in the world has been committed by the white male patriarchy.

These people fall into reason number two: the heady draw of the victim complex group identity culture. It is intoxicating to feel as though you are part of a group. This is natural. However, instead of one’s natural alliance being to their country, for these illegal immigrants, their alliance is to other people in their minority group who see themselves as victims.

Whatever the reasons are, I believe that legal Mexican immigrants need to speak up in defense of their status as Americans – and they need to do this by calling out the criminal aliens instead of condoning their behavior.

And by the way? When you move to a new country, your flag comes second. Period.

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