IBM Employees Launch Campaign Against Muslim Registry

IBM Muslim Registry

IBM employees are joining the rage against President-Elect Donald Trump. IBM Employees have decided to take a public stand against their employer by refusing to work on any project that could be related to a “Muslim Registry”.

Back in November, after Donald Trump’s victory over rival, Hillary Clinton, IBM Chief Executive Officer, Ginni Rometty, wrote to the President Elect Directly. She wanted to offer her congratulations and make sure that Trump was aware of the various services IBM could provide to the government. The letter was published on an internal IBM blog with a note to employees that stated:

As IBMers, we believe that innovation improves the human condition. … We support, tolerance, diversity, the development of expertise, and the open exchange of ideas.

While a large group of employees voiced support for the CEO others reacted with disgust and those employees are going public by denouncing Rometty’s letter and stating that they unequivocally assert  “our right to refuse participation in any U.S. government contracts that violate constitutionally protected civil liberties.

The group, led by cybersecurity engineer, Daniel Handley, has started an online petition at to shame Rometty into retracting her support and refusing to take part in any contracts that might offend their definition of Constitutional Rights.

Hanley told the Intercept:

“I was shocked, of course, because IBM has purported to espouse diversity and inclusion, and yet here’s Ginni Rometty in an unqualified way reaching out to an admin whose electoral success was based on racist programs.”

It should be noted that the “Muslim Registry” mentioned by the President Elect has been a program that has existed since 9/11 and it does not target American Citizens only visitors and recent immigrants on work visas. Additionally, it seems as if IBM’s employees are confused about what is constitutional law regarding those who are not citizens.

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